You can view ColdTowne Conservatory’s current harassment policy and student policies here.

The Facebook ColdTowne Students and Performers page (including a section on opportunities to play, in the righthand column under “Description”) is here.

Performer policies can be found here.

To apply for a student internship, fill out this form.

Questions & Feedback

To ask questions or provide anonymous feedback to ColdTowne’s owners, use this form.

If you want to report harassment (or any other problem) but are uncomfortable doing so to the owners or faculty, you can contact our community liaison, Emma Holder, at the email address listed in the harassment policy sheet above. You can also contact any ColdTowne staff member and ask that the information be relayed anonymously.

If you have questions or comments about registration, payment, classes, or any other aspect of the Conservatory, you can email Conservatory Director John Ratliff.

1901 Class Schedule

Email addresses for teachers are here.

Conservatory Calendar

Here’s a link to the calendar.