Early Elementary

Improv Explorers

Sundays, 1 to 1:50 pm, September 15 – December 1
Pre-Kinder and Kinder.
This early-improv class guides kids through improv basics with an eye toward collaboration and finding the funny in what’s already there. Created for spirited pre-K and Kinder students who enjoy high energy, movement driven work, Improv Explorers prioritizes self expression, discovery and fun. Class performs together at Excused Absence Night, date TBD. Meets at ColdTowne Theater.
$230  Register for Improv Explorers, Fall ’19

Epic Improv 

Sundays, 1 – 1:50, September 15 – December 1
Early Elementary.
Created for students in First and Second grade, Epic Improv courts the thrills and chills born of fearlessly creating worlds on the spot. Courageously supporting ideas and flexing our minds to allow for endless possibilities, this early Improv class fosters collaboration, ingenuity and hilarity. Students perform together at Excused Absence Night, date TBD. Meets at ColdTowne Theater.
$230  Register for Epic Improv, Fall ’19