Lance Nealy

Lance Nealy is a 2015 ColdTowne Conservatory graduate. He’s also an iO West alum and has studied at Upright Citizens Brigade LA, The Annoyance Chicago and The Pack Theater.  He plays weekly in the iO West house team, Elixir and in The Pack Theater’s Deconstruction. He gigs around Los Angeles on the indie team, Bill & Dana, and the duo Shallow Grave. Most importantly, he knows where to get Topo Chico in Hollywood.

When visiting Austin, he plays in the improv/sketch duo, Joint Custody alongside Loverboy’s, Stephanie Thoreson. He performed in the main stage shows, A Fine Affair, The Beach Boys Solve a Mystery, Fifty Nifty and the Organ Trail and produced the monthly show, GameTowne. He also played with One Moment Please, Level 7: Free Beer and Cage Match champions, After Midnight.

Since moving to Los Angeles he’s developed following, unwavering opinions:

  1. It’s TEAM not TROUPE
  2. Topo Chico over LaCroix
  3. I-35 traffic is a joke compared to the 101. Get over yourselves.