Sarah Coker

Sarah was born and raised in Austin. She spent two years dancing as a World Famous Kilgore Rangerette and is an intern alumni of Late Night with Conan O’Brien in New York City. For a couple years in college, she was an on-air personality at a radio station in tiny-town, south-central Texas and to this day is bewildered that they let her on the air. She includes the Rangerettes in her bio because if you know who they are, you’ll be like “whoa very cool Texas yeah #impressed #1bio” and if that doesn’t work, the Conan thing usually seals it. The radio thing is total backup.

Sarah is a graduate of the ColdTowne Theater Conservatory, class of December 2013. She did a sketch show once in 2012! You may have seen her perform improv over the years with SLOB, Bear Derby, The Relatives, or The Other Side. You can also see her as the host of the rarely appearing but widely loved live, late-night-talk-show, “The Sarah Coker Show”.

Sarah’s got many years under her belt emceeing, and writing live performance emcee scripts. She also gets asked to write short, punchy copy for speeches or introductions, and is generally good at taking bland words and making them fun (think corporate events, program copy, etc.) Holler at your girl: And for Tweet’s sake, follow her: @sarahcoker64!