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Improv for Kids and Teens!

ColdTowne Theater offers a full range of improv and theater classes, camps and performances for youth of all ages in collaboration with Move Your Tale. It’s everything you love about ColdTowne and improv — including your favorite performers and teachers — except age appropriate! Our classes and shows use the techniques of story building, creative drama and improv to entertain and educate your child or teen!

What is improv?

Improv is theater created on the spot, guiding your kids toward collaborative, inventive performance and storytelling. Through Improv, kids will learn to say, “Yes!” to each others’ ideas and to trust each other (and themselves!) to create, to communicate, to take risks, and, most importantly, have a ton of fun.

What is Story Building?

Story Building is the collaborative, improvisational process we use with children up to the age of 10 to interpret and communicate the elements of a story. As your kids work together to explore characters and situations, their own experiences and interests inform the show! (In contrast to traditional theatre, which works toward producing a final performance guided by a single vision.)

What is Creative Drama?

Creative Drama is an improvisational, process-oriented form of drama with a focus on your child’s individual experience, working individually or in collaboration.

Who is Move Your Tale?

Move Your Tale is a youth theater and improv program run by one of our best performers and teachers, Kristen Henn. Move Your Tale produces all of ColdTowne Theater’s youth-oriented programming, including improv shows, classes, and summer camps. You can read more about them, or register for classes, on their website.

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