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All-Star Comedy Collective Crowdfunding to Launch Sitcom Filmed at Toy Joy

Baby Lion Studios is teaming up with some of the biggest names from ColdTowne Theater and beyond to create the new sitcom Wind-Ups. Based on the 4 years showrunner and director Adam Protextor spent working at the iconic local institution Toy Joy, Wind-Ups follows a cast of six core characters as they navigate interpersonal relationships…
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In Other News

  • Bye, 2019!

    We’re less than 12 hours from entering 2020, a new year / entirely new decade, guaranteed to bring lots of change and growth at ColdTowne and around Austin and the world, but in a good way we hope! Before we start the real countdown, we’re taking a look back on some celebratory moments around our…
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  • Teen Troupe Montmoreau Flies Across the Pond to Spend Their Junior Year Abroad

    Being a teenager is universally difficult, distinguished by a search for identity and a tendency to act against one’s better judgement. Junior Year Abroad places these personal struggles on a continent-sized stage, following a group of high school Student Leaders on their pan-European class trip as they explore, bicker, posture, and pretend like each new…
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  • “My Own Worst Enemy” opens January 4, 2020

    By Wendy Salome  “My parents are disappointed in me.”  “My friends secretly hate me.”  “The cashier at H-E-B is judging my bulk gummy worms purchase.”  These are thoughts we’ve all had (…right?), and now you can watch the cast of My Own Worst Enemy bring them to life and dispel them in the span of…
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