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How can I get an internship?

You can apply using this evergreen application.

How much can I save off of tuition with a ColdTowne Internship?
You can receive anywhere from 50%-100% off of your tuition depending on the night you are working or the role you fulfill.

A full chart of standard tuition discounts can be seen here.

What kind of time commitment makes up an internship?
Internships last the full 10 weeks of a class session (Each class is 8 meetings scheduled over 10 weeks to allow for things like cancellations or bonus classes at the instructor’s discretion). Depending on the night you are working you would need to be at the the theater from about an hour before shows start until a half an hour after shows to allow for cleaning. This is subject to change based on class schedules.

What are the responsibilities of a ColdTowne Theater intern?
Interns make our shows happen. Some things you can expect to do on a given night includes selling tickets and concessions, some light cleaning, operating lights and sound for a show and some light administrative tasks like tracking attendance and sales.

I have a commitment that may cause me to miss a shift or two, can I still intern and get that sweet discount?
The expectation is that if you accept an internship, you will be able to commit to the entire 10 week session. However, life happens – and you can swap shifts with another intern if there is an emergency. Interns who swap an excessive number of shifts may be removed from the program.

What else do I get?
In addition to that sweet discount, you’re now on the fast track to getting involved with the theater. You’ll meet performers and faculty more quickly than if you were only taking classes, and you’ll also get to see more shows, all supporting your improv education.

I can’t commit to a weekly internship schedule but I have (graphic design, videography, audio, web development, etc.) skills I’d like to offer in exchange for classes.
We have Back of House internships available, but they require having a reference. When you apply, drop the contact information of your reference in your application so we can follow up.

How are interns selected?
Anyone can apply to become an intern! However, returning interns are given priority for continuing positions. If an intern is graduating or cannot return to their role, we begin contacting new applicants during Week 6 of the current session. Training takes place during Week 9. We will keep a wait list for prospective candidates in the event that positions become available mid-session. If you’re not selected for an internship the first time around, please feel free to apply again next session!

I have other questions!
If you have a question that wasn’t covered here, please email our Conservatory Director at ctconservatory@gmail.com[/zilla_two_third_last]