93% of our students say “Improv positively impacted them in the workplace!

9 out of 10 of our students say Improv has helped them communicate more effectively with clients and coworkers!”

Working as a professional means frequently working on a team with other people that come from a variety of backgrounds. The ideas that ColdTowne teach are easily applicable to a work atmosphere. I know it continues to help me create and foster a positive environment with my co-workers.

– Brent Foshee, Raba-Kistner Consultants


Q: What ColdTowne’s Online Trainings Do For My Business?

A: We’re channeling the same innovative creativity used to customize educational materials and entertainment for such clients as Whole Foods, Ebay, Dell Computers and SxSw Interactive to bring your work-from-home employees an opportunity to safely foster new skills while engaging in rewarding fun! 

Business-focused improv training can help your team members strengthen and streamline communication, improve listening skills, and develop tools centered around thinking outside the box and staying present in the moment. 

Our online workshops offer a tailor-made experience for you and your employees that will shake up your daily screen time routine by teaching valuable skills to help you enhance business operations and more assuredly navigate the changing market, all while cultivating a morale-boosting sense of community.  

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