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93% of our students say “Improv positively impacted them in the workplace!

9 out of 10 of our students say Improv has helped them communicate more effectively with clients and coworkers!”The Academy for Conscious Leadership - Whole Foods Market

8 out of 10 say improv has made them a more effective leader!

86% say improv helped them find creative solutions to problems in the workplace!

9 out of 10 say improv made them a better sales person!Academy for Conscious Leadership


“Before [improv]… I lacked the confidence in myself and my abilities to take risks. The fear of possible failure in front of co workers or friends was always in the back of my mind. Through improv, I have learned to not only to face those fears, but to chase them.” – ColdTowne Student
“I have learned to not only be efficient and specific with my communication, but also to actively listen to my co workers and clients. I don’t just hear their words. ColdTowne taught me how to listen to someone’s whole self. Their tone, their body language, and so much more.”Academy for Conscious Leadership June 2013 – ColdTowne Student
“I learned a variety of group exercises in class that I have taken back to the workplace. My team has loved the jolt of energy, melding of minds, and release of steam these improv games consist of!” – ColdTowne Student Academy for Conscious Leadership June 2013[/zilla_one_third][zilla_two_third_last]

Q: Why Does my company need Improv training?

A: Bill Murray called improv the “most important group work since the pyramids.” Improv sharpens critical communication skills, improves teamwork and helps to create a positive work environment. It’s also great for creative thinking and presentation skills. Most importantly? It’s tons of fun.

Our clients regularly tell us that their improv training has transformed their work environment, helping their company become more efficient and productive. In other words, improv training is training that works.

In addition to being hilarious comedians, our staff of facilitators are made up of professional team builders, therapists, and educational specialists. They have also directed, taught, and performed at some of the world’s most recognized comedy institutions, including Second City, ComedySportz, and Improv Olympic. They have run countless training seminars from organizations such as Ebay, Shell Oil, SxSw Interactive, Dell Computers and Whole Foods Market.

Improv Training Products:

Executive Leadership Training – Team Leaders get hands on practice applying the principles of improv to real-world management issues. We’ll learn new ways how to effectively resolve conflict, communicate goals and expectations, motivate team members, and keep the team moving forward when up against the unexpected! Learn how to manage change more effectively!

Communication/Presentation Workshop – Apply the tools of improv communication – empathetic listening, spontaneity and openness – to presentations, meetings and sales calls! Become a more effective communicator! (GET A QUOTE!)

Innovation Workshop – Are you in a high pressure field – such as advertising or product development – where your creative muscles are constantly being put to the test? Is your organization’s ability to innovate stimied by arguments? Are you held back because there are “too many cooks” in the kitchen? Our innovation workshop uses improv to work your team’s ability to think outside the box and to come up with creative solutions! Great for brainstorming!

Sales 101 – We all know that being a good salesperson is all about our relationship with the client. Through the use of improv tools, participants will become a more confident, effective salesperson, using role playing, empathetic listening and positivity to increase awareness of relationship dynamics, form authentic conversational rapport with prospects, and make closing the deal irresistible!

Pitching– Got a new product launch? Does your sales team need to work on their pitch? Our facilitators spend hours each week thinking on their feet! We’ll coach your team on their actual pitch, using our extensive acting and improv training to breath life and genuine spontaneity into your scripts!

Customized Custom Team Build – Does your team need some group bonding or to blow off some steam? In our customized Team Building Experience, we’ll introduce participants to the principles of improv – Positivity, Trust, Authenticity, Playfulness and Empathetic Listening – in this wildly entertaining, hilarious program. Participants will leave with some tools to take back to their work environment! (GET A QUOTE!)

Improv Express – Looking to get the conversation started? Our signature 30 or 60 minute ice breaker is a great, positive and playful way to set the tone for your meeting or event!(GET A QUOTE!)

Company Field Day – For people really looking to cut loose. This hilarious, fun all day improv training intensive ends with teams of your employees facing off against each other in an hour long improv competition for the ages! When fearless risk taking meets outrageous support, everyone’s a winner!

Comedy Writing 101 – Our crack team of experienced sketch comedy writers can help teach your creative staff how to “punch up” the humor in all manner of presentations and marketing materials. We can’t teach you a sense of humor, but with a few simple techniques, we can help you polish your funny ideas for a wider audience! (GET A QUOTE!)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We got you covered! CONTACT US and let us know how we can help! Visit our Training Products and Special Events page for even more product descriptions!

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