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86% say improv helped them find creative solutions to problems in the workplace!
Academy for Conscious Leadership June 2013


“My training at ColdTowne has inspired me to think more strategically when it comes to my work environment. Whether it’s finessing a difficult personality or overcoming new obstacles, I have confidence that I’ll always be able to find a creative solution to the problem.”

“…learning to say “yes” and accept ideas without hesitation has made me a more interactive, caring, and creative co-worker.”

“Improv has allowed me to interact with a variety of personalities in many different situations, better preparing me for the unpredictable nature of work relationships… This skill has taught me how to read my audience, and how to adjust my approach in interacting with them to be strategic about my goals.”

– Lindsey M., C3 Presents


Innovation and Creativity Training!

Improv principles create a positive creative environment where bold ideas are rewarded, instead of punished. By developing our “Fast Brain” thinking muscles, improv teaches us how to access a part of our brain that’s more efficient at finding creative solutions to problems. Interested in learning how to think outside the box? You’re in the right place.

Q: How are we different?

A:Improv training is experiential! The lessons are imparted by doing improv. That means: no boring Power Points! Improv is also incredibly fun! Participants walk away with a smile on their face, having experienced a new way of looking at creativity. Our clients regularly tell us that their improv training has transformed their work, streamlined the creative process, and bonded creative teams with bold new ideas!

Q: What do you recommend?

Innovation Workshop – Are you in a high pressure field – such as advertising or product development – where your creative muscles are constantly being put to the test? Is your organization’s ability to innovate stimied by arguments? Are you held back because there are “too many cooks” in the kitchen? Our innovation workshop uses improv to work your team’s ability to think outside the box and to come up with creative solutions! Great for brainstorming!

Comedy Writing 101 – Our crack team of experienced sketch comedy writers can help teach your creative staff how to “punch up” the humor in all manner of presentations and marketing materials. We can’t teach you a sense of humor, but with a few simple techniques, we can help you polish your funny ideas for a wider audience! (GET A QUOTE!)

Comedy Production – We offer all manner of customized comedy writing and video production for your for your business – anything from internal training materials to fully produced comedy videos! (GET A QUOTE!)

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