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“[Improv] gave me the confidence I needed to give presentations at my work place. Learning to be comfortable with the unknown and simply be myself – made my more approachable and helpful to my co-workers.”– Rachel M., State Bar of Texas

“I’m more comfortable and in control during tense conversations with co-workers or clients. I deal with conflicts more efficiently now.” – Will D., Medical Equation

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93% of our students say “Improv positively impacted them in the workplace!

9 out of 10 of our students say Improv has helped them communicate more effectively with clients and coworkers!”

8 out of 10 say improv has made them a more effective leader!


Leadership and Communication Training!

ColdTowne can help transform your company’s culture from the top, down and the bottom, up! By sharpening critical communication skills, Improv training gives team leaders and team members the skills they need to create a positive work environment, communicate effectively and deal with the unexpected!

Q: How are we different?

A: Improv training is experiential! The lessons are imparted simply by doing improv. That means: no boring Power Points! Improv is also incredibly fun! Participants walk away with a smile on their face, having experienced a new way of doing business. Our clients regularly tell us that their improv training has transformed their work environment, helping their company become more efficient and productive. In other words, improv training is training that works.

Q: What do you recommend?

Executive Leadership Training – Team Leaders get hands on practice applying the principles of improv to real-world management issues. We’ll learn new ways how to effectively resolve conflict, communicate goals and expectations, motivate team members, and keep the team moving forward when up against the unexpected! Learn how to manage change more effectively!

Communication/Presentation Workshop – Apply the tools of improv communication – empathetic listening, spontaneity and openness – to presentations, meetings and sales calls! Become a more effective communicator! (GET A QUOTE!)

Customized Custom Team Build – Does your team need some group bonding or to blow off some steam? In our customized Team Building Experience, we’ll introduce participants to the principles of improv – Positivity, Trust, Authenticity, Playfulness and Empathetic Listening – in this wildly entertaining, hilarious program. Participants will leave with some tools to take back to their work environment! (GET A QUOTE!)

Company Field Day – For people really looking to cut loose. This hilarious, fun all day improv training intensive ends with teams of your employees facing off against each other in an hour long improv competition for the ages! When fearless risk taking meets outrageous support, everyone’s a winner!

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