Academy for Conscious Leadership June 2013


“In my organization, there is a lot of fear of simply picking up the phone, calling on a lead, and talking to someone. Improv comedy removed that fear from me, allowing me to confidently plow through leads, generating $700k+ of pipeline in a quarter.”

“As an opportunity manager, improv training helps me think on my feet and react when my call objective gets thrown off. It allows me to make a choice and confidently commit.” – Jae Long, National Instruments
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“I have learned to not only be efficient and specific with my communication, but also to actively listen to my co workers and clients. I don’t just hear their words. ColdTowne taught me how to listen to someone’s whole self. Their tone, their body language, and so much more.” – ColdTowne Student

“Presentations and speaking in front of co workers and clients has gotten fast easier.” – ColdTowne Student

“Not only has [improv] allowed me to be more confident, it had improved my communication and listening skills. It’s also made it easier for me to adapt to spur of the moment changes and situations.” – ColdTowne Student


Sales Training!

ColdTowne can help transform your company’s sales team! The skills required to be a good improviser are the same skills required to be a good sales person – enthusiasm for your product, the ability to effortlessly connect with other people and form lasting relationships, to listen to and respond positively to the unexpected, to continue to move forward in the face of setbacks! Our improv training will beef up all those critical sales muscles and send your team out into the world excited and motivated to make those critical connections.

Q: How are we different?

A:Improv training is experiential! The lessons are imparted simply by doing improv. That means: no boring Power Points! Improv is also incredibly fun! Participants walk away confident about contacting new prospects, excited to strengthen relationships with existing clients, and ready to receive “Yeses!” Our clients regularly tell us that their improv training has transformed their sales team, helping to increase revenue!

Q: What do you recommend?

Sales 101 – We all know that being a good salesperson is all about our relationship with the client. Through the use of improv tools, participants will become a more confident, effective salesperson, using role playing, empathetic listening and positivity to increase awareness of relationship dynamics, form authentic conversational rapport with prospects, and make closing the deal irresistible!

Pitching– Got a new product launch? Does your sales team need to work on their pitch? Our facilitators spend hours each week thinking on their feet! We’ll coach your team on their actual pitch, using our extensive acting and improv training to breath life and genuine spontaneity into your scripts!

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