Academy for Conscious Leadership June 2013


93% of our students say “Improv positively impacted them in the workplace!

9 out of 10 of our students say Improv has helped them communicate more effectively with clients and coworkers!”

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“Before [improv]… I lacked the confidence in myself and my abilities to take risks. The fear of possible failure in front of co workers or friends was always in the back of my mind. Through improv, I have learned to not only to face those fears, but to chase them.” – ColdTowne Student

“I have learned to not only be efficient and specific with my communication, but also to actively listen to my co workers and clients. I don’t just hear their words. ColdTowne taught me how to listen to someone’s whole self. Their tone, their body language, and so much more.”– ColdTowne Student


Improv for Conferences, Conventions & Events!

Have a large meeting or event coming up? Want to put on fun event that people will talk about for years to come? ColdTowne Theater has you covered with a variety of Team Building, Ice Breaking and entertainment options!

Q: How are we different?

A:Improv training is experiential! The lessons are imparted simply by doing improv. That means: no boring Power Points! Improv is also incredibly engaging and fun! Participants walk away with a smile on their face, relaxed and confidently ready to take on the world! Our entertainment options are interactive, fully customizable, and guaranteed to be memorable!

Q: What do you recommend?

Customized Custom Team Build – Does your team need some group bonding or to blow off some steam? In our customized Team Building Experience, we’ll introduce participants to the principles of improv – Positivity, Trust, Authenticity, Playfulness and Empathetic Listening – in this wildly entertaining, hilarious program. Participants will leave with some tools to take back to their work environment! (GET A QUOTE!)

Improv Express – Looking to get the conversation started? Our signature 30 or 60 minute ice breaker is a great, positive and playful way to set the tone for your meeting or event!(GET A QUOTE!)

Customized Comedy Show – We’ll write and produce an interactive 60 minute long sketch comedy and improv variety show tailored specifically to your organization! Have a message you want to impart about customer service in a fun entertaining way? Want to lighten the mood by “sending up” your organization? We got you covered! (GET A QUOTE!)

This is Your Life! – Based upon our hit signature show “Stool Pigeon,” our award winning team of improvisers will use true stories from your event’s VIP and turn them into comedy gold. Great for retirement parties, promotions, and other special events, this show will make your personnel the star of the show. (GET A QUOTE!)

30/60/90 – Our most popular entertainment product! Our crack team of improv actors will descend upon your event and put on an immersive, interactive improv show for your organization or event! A hilarious, unforgettable 30, 60, or 90 minutes!(GET A QUOTE!)

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We got you covered! CONTACT US and let us know how we can help! Visit our Training Products and Special Events page for even more product descriptions!

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