Vote for ColdTowne in Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin 2019 poll!

Vote for ColdTowne in Austin Chronicle’s Best of Austin 2019 poll!

ColdTowne Theater is nominated in this year’s Best of Austin poll in the comedy club/venue category. We’ve been doing this for 13 years and we’re thrilled Austin has nominated us alongside our friends at Fallout Theater and Cap City. We’re also SUPER excited for the nods our talented performers received. Here’s our voting guide, for your consideration…

Obviously, we would love for you to vote for ColdTowne in the comedy club/venue category, but more than that, we’d love for you to join us for comedy any night of the week. 

Carina Magyar AND Ky Krebs, co-hosts and producers of Live at ColdTowne are both nominated for Best Stand-Up Comic this year! Both Carina and Ky have albums out for you

We have two amazing comedy troupes nominated this year. Y’all We Asian has performed sold out main stage runs at ColdTowne and often sell out their monthly show Last Friday Night at ColdTowne. Their next show is happening October 11. 

Girls Girls Girls is also on the ballot and while we’re not GGG’s forever home (these gals can be seen all over ATX), we love having them grace the ColdTowne stage regularly with their improvised musicals complete with choreo made up on the spot. Catch them on October 18 at ColdTowne

You may know Stephanie Thoreson from Loverboy on Friday nights at 8:30, but did you know she’s also an actress? Like many of our talented performers, Stephanie’s improv skills have lead to acting opportunities. Stephanie recently starred in “Good Feels On Wheels,” a feature film making its festival rounds this year. Stephanie is currently nominated for Best Actress in the Best of Austin poll and we fully endorse this multi-talented queen!

We hope these #FYCs help! Voting closes on October 7, so be sure to fill out your Best of Austin ballot ASAP. Vote in at least 40 categories, and you’ll be entered to win a badge for SXSW Film or SXSW Music, your choice. We’d like to give a special shout out to the Austin Chronicle for supporting local businesses like ColdTowne and for their continued support of ColdTowne main stage productions and weekly house shows and to YOU for being here. Y’all really are the best.


Liz Behan: One Woman at Dusk returns Saturday, Aug. 17

For Immediate Release
Austin, TX – May 28, 2019

Liz Behan: One Woman at Dusk runs Saturdays at 7:00 pm August 17th through September 21st at ColdTowne Theater. Liz wants you to strap in… as she tells you the tale of a big ole country dyke. Starring Laura de la Fuente, a fan-favorite among Austin’s comedy obsessed, this solo sketch comedy show brings together elements from Laura’s own life – queer and latinx identity, absurdism, and family relationships – to create a show that is both uniquely Laura and universally relatable. With a cast and crew of Austin’s most talented sketch comedians and theater performers, this hour-long comedy program will include multimedia video content and live performances surrounding topics of sexuality, lesbian and queer identity, short fingernails, equality, and pop culture – all while being relatable, funny and queer as heck.

The show is written by and stars Laura de la Fuente of ColdTowne Theater’s improv house-team, Loverboy. She won the 2017 B. Iden Payne award as part of Prima Doñas for Outstanding Improvised Production Latinauts. She is part of queer sketch team, Martini Ranch, and has performed at San Francisco Sketchfest, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Austin Sketch Fest and the Del Close Marathon (NYC & LA). Liz Behan: One Woman at Dusk is directed by Chris McKeever, UCB Alum and cast member in B. Iden Payne Winning F*ck This Week. The show is co-produced by Bonica Ayala, a queer artist, photographer, and producer. Her clients include Grammy Award winning artists, commercial and non-profit organizations, social advocates, filmmakers, and comics. Also co-producing is Linzy Beltran, a writer/performer/producer based in Austin, TX whose credits include SheSheSheShe Improv, Prima Doñas improv, Glam Fam – sketch comedy duo, and Jazz Kween, a jazz and comedy variety show.


ColdTowne Theater
4803-B Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751
BYOB/Free parking

About ColdTowne Theater:
ColdTowne Theater is Austin’s center for Chicago-style, long-form improv, with shows
every night of the week. For phone reservations or more information, call (512)
817-TOWN, or visit

Way Down In the Hole opens Saturday, Aug. 17

WAY DOWN IN THE HOLE Saturdays (8:30-9:30 p.m.) August 17 + 24, September 7-28, 2019 

Step back into 2012 with new improvised comedy show “Way Down in the Hole” 

Austin, Texas – July 19, 2019 – Dylan Garsee and Mase Kerwick are thrilled to announce their latest collaboration – a subversive, darkly comic improvised show called “Way Down in the Hole” – debuts at ColdTowne Theater Saturday, August 17. 

In “Way Down in the Hole,” an otherwise ordinary night at local gay bar The Hole becomes hysterically chaotic when someone is found dead on the dance floor. Set over the course of a single evening in 2012, audiences will watch as some of Austin’s best comedians improvise the complicated web between bar owners, patrons, detectives, drug dealers, and the murder victim. But will the murder ever get solved as people keep getting distracted by The Hole’s legendary dance floor? 

Created and directed by Garsee (in their directorial debut), the hour-long show is inspired by classic TV series “The Wire” and “Cheers”, as well as the federal raids of certain Austin bars in 2012. 

“Way Down in the Hole” is produced by Kerwick, a native Austinite known for the popular live variety show “QueerTowne” and for being a founding member of LGBTQ sketch troupe Martini Ranch. Garsee performs monthly with boundary-pushing sketch troupe Pendulum and is still bitter about not getting to perform their indie nightmare comedy Gayme Show at the cancelled 2017 Sound On Sound Fest. 

Garsee and Kerwick previously collaborated on all three runs of Martini Ranch’s sold out sketch revues, as well as the improvised drag extravaganza “Hail to the Queen” and the comedic fever dream “This is the Zodiac Speaking!”. They’ve performed together at San Francisco SketchFest and Dallas Comedy Fest, as well as local festivals Austin Sketch Fest and Out of Bounds. 

“Way Down in the Hole” features Dalton Allen, Brian Bonnet, Devon Coleman, Kristie Denlinger, Kelty Dorsey, Mase Kerwick, Nicole Russell, and Jake Garrison as drag queen YesAndra LaRonde. 

Original art was created by Steven Smith. Technical Direction is provided by Ilan Raschkovsky. 

The core cast is comprised largely of queer and trans performers who will pull from their own experiences at places like TuezGayz at Barbarella, Chain Drive, the original Cheer Up Charlies, and others. 

“Way Down in the Hole” will run at ColdTowne Theater for six Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. – August 17 and 24, and September 7 through 28. Each performance will take place on a different themed night at The Hole: bachelorette night, lesbian night, straight night, bear night, and more. 

The original production is rated ‘G’ for Gay and is recommended for mature audiences. 

Questions? Contact

RSVP on Facebook:

Tickets ColdTowne Theater is located at 4803-B Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at or at the door. 

About ColdTowne Theater ColdTowne Theater is Austin’s center for Chicago-style, long-form improv, with shows every night of the week. For phone reservations or more information, call (512) 817-TOWN, or visit 


Greetings from Amsterdam: Dave Buckman talks Boom Chicago

Dave Buckman, ColdTowne’s Executive Producer and co-owner is in the middle of a two month gig in Amsterdam where he is directing a comedy show for the world renowned Boom Chicago. In addition to its famous alumni (see your faves below), Boom Chicago also has a couple of Austin performers as alumni including: Ace Manning (The Knuckleball Now), Cene Hale (Loverboy, Damn Gina) and now Tyler Groce (Missed Connections) who is in the current cast. Dave took some time from his intensive rehearsal schedule to clue us in on what the hey-ho is going on out there.

What is Boom Chicago?

Boom Chicago is an english speaking comedy theater in Amsterdam, NL that just celebrated its 25th year this summer. The alumni of Boom Chicago include Seth Meyers (Late Night with Seth Meyers), Jason Sudeikis (SNL), Jordan Peele (Get Out), Nicole Parker (MADtv), Alison Silverman (The Office), Jessica Lowe (Wrecked), Pete Grosz (The President Show), Heather Anne Campbell (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Ike Barinholtz (Mindy Project, Blockers), Colton Dunn (Superstore) Liz Cackowski (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect), Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Meyers) and about 100 more comedians, writers and actors… and me! They perform revues that include short form improv, long form improv, musical improv as well as live and filmed sketch comedy.

Why are you in Amsterdam?

I am directing their new MainStage revue. It’s a devised process, which means the show does not exist yet and we are currently writing it and previewing it at the same time. It’s a two month process and I am only in week 3 right now.

What do you do all day?

We rehearse all afternoon (noon until 5:30pm), writing and improvising, refining and re-improvising, blocking and running through transitions, game intros and pitching ideas to each other. We take a dinner break for a few hours and then meet up an hour before the show to go over any new parts or new sketches so we are all on the same page as to who does what including when and what the end of the sketches will be. We make sure everyone who is in an improv game knows how to play it and everyone introducing a game knows how to run it. The show is in two acts with a brief intermission and then we perform a third act for anyone who wants to stick around of sketches and games that are too raw and undeveloped to be in the actual show. We grab a cocktail or beer and do notes for about an hour until about midnight, go home, and then meet up at noon again the next day to start all over again. That’s Tuesday through Saturday. We have off Sundays and Mondays (although a lot of the cast coach and teach on their off days for extra $$). There is no show on Tuesday, that’s an extra night off when I catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, ColdTowne, SketchFest and Out of Bounds.

What’s the show going to be?

Unlike The Second City that writes for a few months and then figures out a title and theme a month before opening, Boom usually picks a theme and title first based on news and economic trends and then writes towards that centralized idea. This year’s show will be called “The Future is Here, and It’s Slightly Annoying” It’s about technological advancements and the automation of the workforce. We have sketches about Siri and Push Notifications and Data Privacy encroachment from Loyalty programs, delivery drones, etc. We’re working with a few A.I. companies here in Amsterdam on developing intuitive software to incorporate into new improv games. It’s really exciting stuff. I mean were not even halfway done yet, but that’s where we’re at so far. Anything can change in the next 5 weeks.

Is Rachel Madorsky (your wife and ColdTowne co-owner) going out there to visit?

Yes! This is the longest Rachel and I have been apart since our first year of dating in 2003. We Skype each other everyday. It’s super hard but we make it work. Rachel is coming out the weekend before we open to see the opening. We’re going to go to Rome to catch up for a few days, then back to Amsterdam for a weekend, a two day hang out in London where we will likely perform a show with some of our friends there and then back to Austin by late April.

And then what?

I start rehearsals right away for BigFoot: The Musical. It’s a new musical written by Boom Chicago Alumnus Amber Ruffin & David Schmoll premiering at Austin SketchFest in late May and running Saturdays at ColdTowne in June. It had a run in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and we’re only the third production of this musical. Amber is headlining the festival and will be there for opening night. Can’t wait for that night. Rehearsals have already started with Will Cleveland and Ammon Taylor. By the time I get there all the singing and choreography will be down pat, so I can just focus on about blocking, acting and transitions.

Anything else?
I’ve been thinking a lot of about tribes since I’ve been here. Visiting and training with this old tribe of mine that has a lot of the same elders but being led by new warriors. And missing my tribe at ColdTowne terribly, where we have dozens of new warriors every year or so. I am also learning a lot about what it takes to get ColdTowne to that next level of live comedy venue. Boom is so much more than a comedy theater with a bar now, whereas 20 years ago that’s all it was. I think we can get there too. Evolution is good. Challenges are good. I can’t wait to get back and use everything I gained while I am here.

DAVE BUCKMAN has directed, taught and performed at some of the world’s leading improvisational comedy institutions. After several years studying and teaching improv in Chicago, Dave served as Artistic Director of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam for 2 years, where he was fortunate to work with and direct some of the funniest people working in television and web-based sketch comedy today. He culminated his run in Europe with directing “Boom Chicago: RockStars” the second stage-swap with The Second City’s Main Stage in its 50 year history.

Don’t miss Dave’s return as the director of Bigfoot the Musical opening Saturday May 25 at Austin Sketch Fest featuring a stellar cast:

Bigfoot, Mike DiChello
Francine, Tauri Laws-Phillips
Doctor, Adam Protextor
Joanne, Arielle LaGuette
Mayor, Kyle Romero
Ensemble / Understudies, Sophia Sherman, Jennifer Rosario, Ben Bazán, Scarlett Alexandra, and Chris McKeever

Written by Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Meyers, ASF19 headliner)

Directed by Dave Buckman with Musical Direction by Ammon Taylor.

“Starring Y’all We Asian” Hits the ColdTowne Main Stage

Y’all, We Asian’s latest show proves that Asians are more than just the sidekick.


Austin, TX: After a sold-out run last summer at ColdTowne Theater, the B. Iden Payne-winning improv troupe “Y’all, We Asian” is back with a new hour-long production that refocuses the narrative of Hollywood whitewashing by empowering diverse voices and re-imagining films by inserting Asian leads. “Starring Y’all We Asian”, which pays homage to the #StarringJohnCho movement, will feature snappy, character-driven improv comedy inspired by movie trailers. It will also showcase local Asian-American stand-ups, such as Tai Nguyen, Nikita Redkar, and Sahana Srinivasan, as opening comics.


“Y’all, We Asian” and ColdTowne Theater are highlighting diverse voices in improv comedy, an artform that has traditionally been dominated by mostly-white and mostly-male perspectives. The success of Asian-led films like Crazy Rich Asians and all-Asian comedy showcases like “Asian AF” at UCB has proven that audiences are craving more art that reflects their experiences and more multi-faceted portrayals of what it means to be Asian-American. “Starring Y’all We Asian” is a celebration of how far Asians have come in Hollywood and a reminder of how many more diverse stories there are to be told.


At “Starring Y’all We Asian”, the audience will enjoy improvised comedy from some of Austin’s most talented improvisers, including: Yola Lu of “Stool Pigeon” (ColdTowne Theater), Virgil Shelby of “The Megaphone Show” (Fallout Theater), G-Su Paek of “Missed Connections ATX”, and more. The show runs for 8 weeks, every Saturday from February 16 to April 6 at 8:30pm at ColdTowne Theater. Tickets are $10 online and $12 at the door. For more information, contact, call (512) 814-8696, or visit




About “Y’all, We Asian”

Comprised of experienced performers from all five Austin improv theaters, “Y’all, We Asian” is Austin’s (and definitely Texas’) first all Asian-American troupe. The troupe is comprised of 7 members, all ranging in age, gender, and ethnicity. In 2018, “Y’all, We Asian” won the B. Iden Payne “Ethel Hinkley Award for Outstanding New Improv Troupe”. The troupe has performed the Del Close Marathon (NYC) and Out of Bounds (ATX) comedy festivals. “Y’all, We Asian” is on Facebook @YWAImprovATX.


About ColdTowne Theater

ColdTowne Theater is Austin’s main stage for alternative comedy. Running shows 7 nights a week and featuring the smartest, brightest, and hardest-working comedians in Central Texas. For phone reservations or more information, call (512) 817-TOWN, or visit


Lilli Lopez, Marketing Director
ColdTowne Theater