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How do troupes differ from classes?

Both classes and troupes meet weekly with a coach or teacher and both will have opportunities to perform. Costs are roughly equal.

Basic differences are that classes focus on building skills, follow a specific curriculum, and are open to all who wish to enroll. Troupes, on the other hand are put together by ExAb, are scheduled according to cast/coach availability and work on learning a specific format to be performed. Troupes are given the option to continue each semester.

Each semester, we hold auditions for new improv and sketch troupes. This fall, the main audition will be held at ColdTowne Theater on Sunday, September 22 at 5 pm.

Individual troupe schedules vary according to availability and project scope. Troupe fees reflect the amount of time required by individual projects, but generally work out to equal class fees.

Troupes perform at ColdTowne’s weekly Excused Absence Night, at festivals and other opportunities as they occur.