The ColdTowne Conservatory Diversity Scholarship is more than a tuition award, it’s Mentorship + Inclusivity + Support.

What You Will Receive

Recipients will receive a full level (8-week session) of classes. If after your first level of classes you wish to continue, simply re-apply for the next level before the deadline. And YES it possible to receive a full scholarship for all six levels of ColdTowne’s comprehensive, fun and award-winning style of improv training.

In addition to classes, recipients of the ColdTowne Conservatory Scholarship will be paired with a seasoned improv mentor to help make the experience even more fulfilling.


Your personal ColdTowne mentor will be there to help you stay connecting in the community, make sure your questions are answered and point you in the right direction toward reaching your improv comedy goals.

Together, you can see some shows, nerd out on comedy, and learn all the official (and unofficial) ins and outs of ColdTowne.

Don’t worry, the amount of time spent with your mentor is completely up to you. Your mentor is just there to have your back.

We care about your experience

ColdTowne Theater strives to be a conscious, inclusive training center and theater offering some of the best improv comedy training and shows in the country.

We believe the more diverse and inclusive our improv community is, the more powerful, funny and sustainable the art form will be. It is our goal that as many voices as possible be heard and represented with dignity, appreciation and respect.


Your voice matters. In addition to supporting you through classes, it is our hope that you will find friends and a comedy community home here, where you can be fully self-expressed, have your voice heard, and your point of view seen and shared.

If this sounds like the best thing ever, good!

We are interested in awarding students with diverse backgrounds

To apply for the ColdTowne Scholarship simply click on the link below.
We hope to see you in our classes, on our stage and in our community.


    • ColdTowne Welcomes anyone who self identifies as a person interested in improv comedy that could benefit from a scholarship for classes and is not currently enrolled in improv or sketch classes at another theater or conservatory.
    • Applicants must be between at least 18 years old at the time of application.
    • Applicants must be able to arrange their own transportation to and from classes and shows.
    • Applicants must be able to attend the full 8 week session of classes (you can miss 1 class if you need to – we know life happens) and attend at least one free show per 8 week session.
    • Applicants must be willing to answer a few short questions about their ColdTowne Conservatroy experience via email or on-line survey. (This will help us to continually improve the experience for each scholarship recipient.)