Improv can be hilarious to watch and pure joy to perform, but there is more to it than that. Developing a flexible mindset, learning to respond in the moment and developing an ability to listen and respond (rather than waiting for others to just stop talking so you can go!) makes life better.

These performing arts classes are low pressure and hilarious with a focus on finding the funny in what’s already there. Collaborate to create original characters, ideas and stories.

These classes are part of the Lee Elementary after school program. Contact us if you would like to bring something similar to your school or organization!


Improv Online for Lee

Grades 3rd through 6th. Tuesdays, 3 to 4. Begins Sept. 15

You’re already funny, right? Improv gives you tools to know your audience, develop your sense of timing and to share your ideas with confidence. $125



Improv Online for Lee

Grades K through 3rd. Thursdays, 3 to 4. Begins September 17

An online class that gets your child up out of the seat and creating. Supportive, low pressure and hilarious. A great way to be with friends at a distance! $125



Improv Outside for Lee

Ages 8 to 11 Mondays, 3 to 4. Begins September 21

Sure, it’s hot and you have to speak loudly, but nothing compares to being with friends and making each other laugh. Limited to 6 students. Meets at 1410 Larkwood, 78723. $145