Jared Robertson

Jared was originally brought up in the hills of Alabama by an older woman (his mother) and an older man (his father). He started going to school, but eventually quit because “too much books.”

Jared writes and performs sketch comedy with the self-acclaimed Wink Planet and improv with Kinkade (formerly Collective Alibi), The Agency and Rookie League.

He received  the Rookie of the Year award at the 2014 Coldtownies. He is fairly certain that he was given this title by mistake.

Wink Planet (Sketch) – Austin Sketchfest 2014/2015 & Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2014
Collective Alibi (Improv) – Out of Bounds Comedy Festival 2014
It’s Saturday Night (Sketch/Improv) – Coldtowne September 2014 Mainstage
Thicker Than Water: The McGgutchins’ 18th Annual Family Reunion Show (Sketch) – Coldtowne November 2014 Mainstage
The Church of Indeterminate Divinity (Improv/Music) – Coldtowne January 2015 Mainstage
Love Me Tindr (Sketch/Music) – Frontera Fest 2015 Best of Week Winner
Austin Translation (Sketch) – Coldtowne May 2015 Mainstage
The Beach Boys Solve a Mystery (Musician) – Coldtowne June 2015 Mainstage