Sorry, We’re Classes

by Will Cleveland         

In the immortal words of The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West “What a world! What a world…I’m melting.”

Live theatre is on hold…likely for the rest of the year. I won’t be enjoying the opening night of a ColdTowne Main Stage or be seeing Austin Chronicle’s readers’ poll winner for best actress, Amber Quick’s performance for the second or third time. I won’t be catching a play at Hyde Park on closing night then sticking around to help strike and help drink the leftover beer. I won’t be partying it up at Zach’s Christmas Carol and dancing in the aisles. I won’t be seeing a breathtaking musical at Ground Floor, or an avant garde movement and satire piece at Museum of Human Achievement, or a Maybe-Shakespeare? at The Hidden Room, or even a good old rootin-tootin’ stinker. I’m going to miss going to the theater and seeing one of my buddies acting on stage, just doing their best to make it through a stinker. Oh yes, that’s good shit..I love stinkers.

Live theatre is ON HOLD! But we’re streaming shows on Twitch. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s pretty cool. Twitch has a very DIY television feel. It’s live and, for the most part, unscripted. We’re very proud of the Twitch channel for its diverse voices, its ability to connect and engage with viewers, and its originality. It’s just different from anything else I’ve ever seen. Quarantine has been giving us a lot of original art online, and that’s great! Give us a random-ass chance and please subscribe if you like what you see!

LIVE THEATRE IS ON HOLD, BUT ColdTowne has never been just a theater space. It’s a school. It’s a community. It’s an adult playground where after work, people can go shake off the mundane of the 9 to 5 and just get silly and perform for each other. The theater may be closed for now, but we’re still in business. We’re still spreading joy, but we will NOT be spreading Coronavirus. (F*ck that sh*t.)

We’ve been tinkering behind the scenes developing classes, trying to get what feels so right about standing in a circle together to work just as well on a flat screen from the safety of your home.  What we have developed will get people moving together, creating together, and most importantly laughing together. 

For our new online classes, we’re using a lot of our favorite games and exercises, dusting off some classics, and even creating new games that work specifically for video calls. So far, we’ve developed three levels of improv training for people who want to try it for the first time and for experienced players who want to jump back in: Improv for Beginners 01 and 02, and Intermediate Improv. We will continue to offer online sketch writing classes and specialty workshops as well. 

We believe that these classes have real value now more than ever. Although we love seeing every student break loose on our stage, there is a practical application of improv classes that impacts our work, social, and home life. These classes are for everyone, not just people who want to be actors! Learn to play improv games with your kids, or enroll them in one of our classes for youth. If you’re getting meeting fatigue at work-from-home, perhaps mix it up with one of our custom tailored online team-building workshops. 

Live theatre is on hold for now, but we’re with you! 

Will Cleveland
Academic Director

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