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Recent Posts

Top 3 moments in “What Had Happened Was” history

What Had Happened Was is the ColdTowne main stage happening Saturdays, 5/12-6/2 at 8:30 PM. This improvised comedy show turns the suggestion of a historical event into a tapestry of facts, misunderstandings and laughs. With a focus on tying the events that lead to history’s greatest catastrophes to events of today, this cast of world-class…
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In Other News

  • That Time of the Month celebrates its 3rd birthday!

    First impressions aside, That Time of the Month is actually a late night show hosted by a woman that your heart has long desired, but broadcast networks have never delivered! Once a month, Meghan Ross showcases all types of talented comedic acts including music, stand-up, characters, sketches, and general weirdness from women beings, with improvised…
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  • Missed Connections ATX: Mining Local Personal Ads for Comedy Gold

    Have you pondered the existence of love at first sight? Are you hoping to meet-cute the partner of your dreams? Do you still consider yourself a hopeless romantic in an age of dating apps and matchmaking sites? If your answer to any of these questions is remotely close to “maybe,” then Missed Connections ATX opening…
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  • Contest4Improv4Humans takes over ColdTowne ThrowDowne

    Contest4Improv4Humans is back at ColdTowne this year starting this week. After last year when we sent our Beloved Victrola! to the national finals, we’re excited to have an amazing lineup of performers competing against 15+ other theaters around the country.  We heard from two of the competition’s contestants who you can happen to find on…
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