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Arts Eclectic Interview on KUT: 10th Anniversary Weekend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: it’s Fall in Texas! Also, October means that ColdTowne celebrates another year of the audiences, students and performers that make us great. This year is an especially special one: we’re turning ten years old. You’ve probably heard the origin story by now: five comedy nerds (including founders of The…
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In Other News

  • ColdTowne 10th Anniversary: Weekend Line Up (Oct 20th-23rd)

    Celebrating 10 years of the next big thing in comedy with four days of sketch, improv and standup from favorite performers past and present. Evenings sponsored by our friends at 4th Tap Brewing Co-op, Crystal Creek Distillery, Shiner Beer and Tito’s. 2006: There was no iPhone, W. was president and the only comedy clubs in town had a two drink…
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  • Midnight Society: Don’t Call it a Comeback

    Midnight Society formed in 2007, and have since built a reputation among audiences and improvisers for the quality of their work. With shows that can deliver grounded scene work, absurdity and raucous physicality in the course of a single show, their command of the stage is never in doubt. Recently adding super talents Molly Moore and Sanjay…
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  • ColdTowne 10th Anniversary Celebration

    For Immediate Release Austin, TX – September 28th, 2016 ColdTowne celebrates ten years of the next big thing, October 20th-23rd 2006: There was no iPhone, W. was president and the only comedy clubs in town had a two drink minimum. After a series of test runs, five comedy nerds opened a theater in a dusty store…
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