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Chrissy Shackelford Workshops

by John Ratliff Last night I saw I Didn’t See You There, the Austin Sketch Fest solo showcase. It was great, and it reminded me that I tend to underestimate the importance of characters in improv. Like a lot of improvisers, I often play characters who are pretty close to myself. Which is fine: it…
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In Other News

  • Austin Sketch Fest Is Here!

    Lovers of comedy, one of the best weeks in Austin is here. The 2016 Austin Sketch Comedy Festival––7 days of the best scripted comedy from Austin and beyond. All this week we have multiple shows each night featuring sketch, stand-up, and more starting at ColdTowne Theater, stopping by the Hideout Theater, and then concluding with…
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  • Recipes from the Garden

    As seasoned hostesses, all the ladies of Gardenalia have a signature recipe that they delight in making and sharing with their fellow adherents. From cocktails to substantials, their recipes pair well with repressed feelings and overshares alike. Vivian’s Spring Fling Punch Perfect for Weddings, Garden Parties, and non-Religious Wakes – 2 liters sparkling water (if…
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  • Me vs. Game: A Love Story

    by John Ratliff During the first few years I was doing improv, I developed a reputation as someone who hated game. (As in “the game of the scene.”) I didn’t hate it, really; I just thought it ran counter to the two things I really wanted to do, which were (a) grounded, realistic scenework and…
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