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Interview with Title Fine: We Got Game’s Laura de la Fuente

Title Fine: We Got Game is ColdTowne’s newest MainStage production. Featuring an all-female cast of eight players and one coach who play game-based improv in the off season, the cast is entirely composed of women who played sports in high school or college. We interviewed some of the cast to talk about their athletic experience…
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In Other News

  • Movie Riot brings you Spin-Off Summer this August

    Every Friday at ColdTowne Theater, the improv team Movie Riot creates a never before seen movie, live on stage. However, for the month of August, Movie Riot is giving their format a little spin. An audience member suggests a movie and Movie Riot will create a spin-off. It’s called Spin-Off Summer and they’re performing it…
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  • ColdTowne featured on KLRU with Stand Up Empire (June 26th)

    The comedy scene in Austin is exploding. With eight comedy theaters (and counting), and hundreds of improvisors, stand ups and sketch comedy performers, Austin is quickly producing talent that competes easily with comedians from larger markets, such as Chicago, LA and NYC. To chronicle the exploding comedy scene in ATX, creators Mike Wilson and Brently Heilbron…
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  • Visiting Lecturer Series: Rich Talarico

    famiLIES, ColdTowne’s latest mainstage production was Originally improvised by LA based improv troupe Dasariski whichtakes it’s name from the three memebrs:  Bob DASsie, Rich TalARIco and Craig CackowSKI. ColdTowne presents this new comedic staged play about three brothers and the lives they try to keep hidden from each other and the lies we tell ourselves when…
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