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ColdTowne Convservatory

ColdTowne Announces New Rehearsal Spaces For Rent

Since the founding of ColdTowne Theater in 2006, Austin’s alternative-comedy scene has exploded into national prominence. That means a lot more shows, which means a lot more rehearsal space. (Yes, improv is made up on the spot, but improvisers still need to practice to keep sharp.) To help meet this growing demand, ColdTowne has secured…
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In Other News

  • Know Your Troupe: Patio Talk

    Thursdays in June, PATIO TALK presents BettyFest featuring an all female lineup of talented performers. Each week will showcase a different opening improv troupe and will be hosted by one of Austin’s finest stand up comedians. The first three shows sold out early so be sure to pick up your tickets for the final show…
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  • The Return of the Bridgeport Women’s Correctional Facility Players!

    Bridgeport Correctional Facility Short Form Impromptu Skit Players return to Austin in June at ColdTowne Theater, combining competitive short-form improvisation, ladies wrestling and 70’s exploitation films into a single, vulgar comedy experience. Inspired by Jack Hill’s Switchblade Sisters, cult television show Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.o.W.) and old-school roller derby, Bridgeport is female prisoners from…
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  • Austin Sketch Fest is Nigh!

    This is it! Our annual celebration of the Austin Sketch Comedy Scene returns over Memorial Day weekend, May 20th – 25th, and will feature two headlining shows from the amazing My Mans (featuring SNL’s Tim Robinson), perennial Austin Comedy festival favorites Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, and the Nerdist Network’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. The 2014…
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