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$99 Level 1 Holiday Gift Package

This holiday season we want to make improv classes as affordable as possible. We genuinely believe that improv classes can change a person’s life. It certainly has for all of our students, performers, staff, and faculty, and it seems like each day we see a new piece of writing espousing its benefits (see here and here). To best…
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In Other News

  • The ColdTowne 2015 Mainstage Season

    2015 ColdTowne Mainstage Season ColdTowne Theater is Austin’s only entertainment option with improv, sketch and stand up shows seven nights a week. We’re excited to announce our 2015 Mainstage Season – a collection of shows featuring unique concepts and high production value. JANUARY Church of Indeterminate Divinity Directed by John Ratliff Each service, some of…
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  • Know Your Troupe: After Midnight

    After Midnight started on a whim when some Level 1 students decided to enter the ColdTowne CageMatch.  They went on to win that series and have kept performing together regularly at ColdTowne while still taking classes.  Now in Level 5, Chelsea Bunn, Vickie Dinges Grier, Kim Lowery, Brian May, Lance Nealy, Frances Nguyen and Bobby…
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  • ColdTowne 8th Anniversary Lock-In Weekend

    ColdTowne Theater celebrates its 8th anniversary with a lock-in weekend, featuring a marathon run of shows this Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Each evening following our amazing regularly-scheduled shows, come back and enjoy as much comedy as you can handle — a $5 ticket will get you access to a night full of reunion shows, odds…
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