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How do you call your Loverboy? On Friday nights, starting Jan 2017.

After Wednesday favorites Patio Talk moved to NYC to further their comedy careers in 2014, audiences wondered: who will move into the Wednesday night slot? Who could deliver that much energy, talent and delight week after week? Given the long shadow and packed houses that Patio Talk had built over the course of their residency, the expectations…
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In Other News

  • You Gave Me a Mountain (of a Show): An interview with Elvis’s director Will Cleveland

    Will Cleveland is the Artistic Director of ColdTowne Theater, and has performed, produced and directed shows at the theater since moving to Austin from NYC in 2013. Prior to coming to ColdTowne, he managed UCB’s traveling team and was a producer for UCBComedy. He is a native of Arkansas and you can see him in…
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  • Groundhog Indicates: It’s a Good Year for Improv!

    Wondering if you or your loved one will enjoy taking classes at ColdTowne? Check out this blog post from Megan Mowry from this past March: she started in our free 101 class (every other Monday at the theater) and hasn’t looked back since. Want to go ahead and snag that holiday class pass?   By Megan…
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  • Announcing the Jan – June ’17 Mainstage Schedule!

    As a year of bang-up, award-winning programming comes to a close, we are excited to announce the selections for the ColdTowne 2017 Mainstage, from January through June 2017. All the Mainstage shows are Saturdays at 8:30pm. The 8:30 Mainstage shows are: January 7 – 28 The Do Over Produced by Lindsey Moringy Directed by Will Cleveland The…
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